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About Us

We are a total product solutions company offering innovative and superior quality products at highly competitive prices. With more than 15 years industry experience, we are well positioned to consistently exceed the expectations of our Customers. We are the single source to meet your needs with papers, plastics, wipers, linen replacements (DRC, Scrim, Spunlace), foils, and many other supporting materials for your operation. Massey’s is committed to be your “One Stop Shop” enabling you to enjoy convenient and efficient service by integrating the totality of your product needs. Our commitment is to minimize the layers in the supply chain, develop the optimal manufacturing or sourcing strategy, maintain low overheads, and to ensure that you receive the most effective package of products for your business. We win on pricing and succeed on service.

Massey’s Production was formed in 1997 as a family owned business. We are still led by the Massey family today. We provide an extensive line of products that span multiple industries and Customers across the globe. We are now Canada’s leading manufacturer of in-flight products with worldwide distribution, most prominently across North America, Europe and Asia. The birth of our business was in the airline industry, providing single use and custom printed products. We draw our raw and finished material directly from a range of reputable sources. Today, we are very proud to provide total product solutions to many industries by combining our unique manufacturing capability with a global sourcing network.

Our success resides in service. We understand that the products we provide are operationally critical and we stand ready to support our Customers on a 24 hour basis. We have a team of individuals who are intelligent, creative and highly energetic. Every day our people come prepared to be the best that they can be by modeling fair, honest and positive behavior while engineering the best solutions for our Customers. Building long term relationships based on trust is our choice every time. Our collaborative approach with Customers instills a great sense of ownership throughout the organization. Many of our team members have been with us since the beginning, demonstrating their dedication to the needs of our Customer and their loyalty to Massey’s.