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Massey's Production (MP) is a family-owned company based in Trenton, ON, Canada. They are a well-established manufacturer and supplier of disposable paper, plastic, wipers, linen replacement products, and related items. MP is a leading supplier of in-flight products in Canada and maintains valuable relationships with industry giants Cascades and Kruger Inc.

The company, previously owned by Dilawar Massey, is now led by his sons Sanjay and Ajay Massey. MP has a strong customer base, including wholesalers and distributors who sell to retailers. They have been a trusted supplier to Air Canada for over 13 years. MP aims to expand their product offerings for distributors who directly serve local retail stores, as it offers better profit margins. Cascade and Kruger, two prominent players in the Canadian disposable products industry, are also among MP's valued customers.


With their extensive industry connections and over 20 years of experience, the owners of MP enjoy strong relationships within the disposable products industry. This has enabled them to secure long-term and profitable contracts, such as their enduring partnership with Air Canada. MP plans to secure additional contracts by obtaining financing and increasing their production capacity. Furthermore, their network and experience provide opportunities to procure manufacturing machinery and raw materials at below-market prices.




Sanjay Massey

With over 30 years of experience in the disposable products industry, Sanjay has a wealth of expertise. After immigrating to Canada three decades ago, he started his career as a worker at a plant manufacturing and supplying disposable products to the airline industry. Over a span of 10 years, Sanjay advanced through various roles within the same plant. In 1997, he joined his father's company, initially focusing on a small setup for manufacturing machinery and trading in tissue products.

Throughout his career, Sanjay has prioritized building strong relationships with both suppliers and clients. His extensive knowledge of the disposable products industry allows him to leverage the cyclical nature of raw material and finished goods prices. Additionally, Sanjay's influential network within the industry has enabled him to acquire manufacturing equipment at favorable prices, contributing to his remarkable success.

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Ajay Massey

With over 30 years of experience in the tissue products industry, Ajay brings valuable expertise to MP. He shares Sanjay's vision of establishing MP as a leading manufacturer of disposable products in North America. Ajay's passion for machines and technology makes him an invaluable asset to the company.

While Sanjay focuses on building external relationships, Ajay takes charge of ensuring smooth operations within the company. He oversees the fulfillment of purchase orders from regular customers, managing production schedules, and coordinating labor to meet timelines. Ajay also takes responsibility for upgrading machinery when needed, staying updated with the latest technology through trade show visits. This positions him well to introduce advanced manufacturing equipment to enhance the company's existing production lines. Ajay's dedication to operational efficiency and technological advancements contributes to MP's ongoing success.

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